Are brown gays third-class citizens?

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Being brown in Canada often means being second-class in some ways but being gay and brown can often relegate those individuals to third-class status. And that is the thinking after the police discovered the remains of a 7th victim of homicide with the perpetrator being Bruce McArthur, the victims have mostly been brown gay or bi-sexual men.

Now the LGBT community is questioning why police didn’t do more to probe the cases of the missing before the high-profile disappearance of Kinsman a white gay man well-known in the LGBT community for his decades of volunteer work with the Toronto HIV/AIDS Network.

Meanwhile the Alliance of the South Asian AIDS Prevention issued an open letter in January demanding police examine whether the racial or sexual backgrounds of the men in the twin probes meant fewer resources and less effort was put toward investigating their cases.

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“It is saddening and unacceptable that it took the disappearance of Andrew Kinsman to reopen public interest in the cases of the missing South Asian and Middle-Eastern men,” read an open letter by the group. “Are brown men disposable or any racialized communities disposable when it comes to when they go missing?”

This is a rhetorical question that should resonate with all right-thinking individuals, many of whom claim to abhor all kinds of racism. – CINEWS

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