Are Shelton, Stefani plan to buy new house?

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Los Angeles, Jan 6 (IANS) Singers Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani reportedly plan to have a house together in Oklahoma.

According to, the house is just to make things more convenient when they visit the state which Stefani is said to have called “a great place for her boys to grow up”.

“Gwen and Blake are thinking about buying a love nest,” a source said, adding: “Gwen loves Oklahoma and she actually thinks it would be a great place for her boys to grow up. However, every time she and Blake talk about moving in, they always seem to decide that it’s too soon for both of them.”

“All the travelling, hotels, and suitcases are becoming a major inconvenience, so they’re trying to think of it less as moving in together and more of buying a convenient place for them to hang out,” the source said further.

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Last year, the couple spent their Christmas holiday in the midwestern state.

The two also posted on Twitter a video of them indulging in public display of affection during their stay there.

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