Are we ready for a “White Student Union”?

Toronto, September 18 (CINEWS): Last week mysterious posters from the “White Students Union” went up at three Toronto universities- York, Ryerson and UFT. It featured a picture of two preppy Caucasian men.
The group in question, also known online as the Students for Western Civilization, isn’t registered at any of these schools.white union
Little is known about this fringe group but it did rattle students and administrations at these highly diverse campuses. The raison d’ etre for this group is apparently to advance the interests of Western peoples and promote and celebrate Western Civilisation.
Can-India spoke to a couple of students to get their opinion on the posters.

I think it’s terrible. Though I understand the viewpoint that there are groups for black students and Muslim students and so on, the difference is that those groups are minorities who have struggled in the past to be recognized. A white supremacy group on campus will do no good, only harm.
Kayla Rosen
I don’t know I never pay attention to these stories because it’s just so ridiculous. It’s like when people ask why there isn’t a white history month. I feel like the premise of the group is obviously stupid.
Avneet Dhillon
Putting up white student union posters is just a way to remind white people about their supremacy or dominance over other ethnic groups. Ethnic student groups are meant to help visible minorities and white people aren’t a minority. So it doesn’t really make sense. It would be interesting to see what their meetings are like.
Prashant Gupta

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