Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

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The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is  reminding  all Canadians about the importance of how  being prepared for all kinds of natural disasters – as part of the Emergency Preparedness Week, 

Whether it’s a tornado, torrential rains or an earthquake, IBC stresses that every household needs an emergency plan, which can make all the difference. In fact, it’s not when the roof blows off or the earth shakes that you need to think about it. Every family should have an emergency kit handy with a 72-hour supply of water and other basics, including a radio, flashlight and first aid kit should someone get hurt.

There have been more frequent and more extreme weather conditions in recent years. “Extreme weather events which, in the past, occurred every 40 years are now happening every six years in certain regions,” explained Pierre Babinsky, IBC’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Quebec.

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In 2013 alone, two episodes of torrential rains in Alberta and Ontario caused major damage that forced families from their homes, and cost at least $3.2 billion in insurance claims. “While we can’t prevent such occurrences, one can however limit property damage by taking certain preventive measures, and protect one’s family with a well-rehearsed evacuation plan”, stressed Mr. Babinsky.

The site provides a wealth of information about how to prepare your home and family for a natural disaster. You’ll find the brochure “Your emergency preparedness guide 72 hours”, issued by Public Safety Canada.

In addition, IBC has been sponsoring La Grande Secousse du Québec, an annual international earthquake preparedness drill, during which three simple gestures are practiced that could save lives, namely Drop! Cover! Hold on!  This year, the Quebec Great ShakeOut will be held in October 20, at 10.20 am. – CNW

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