Argentine Congresswoman wants footballers to finish school

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Buenos Aires, Feb 9 (IANS) Congresswoman Josefina Mendoza of Argentina’s ruling Cambiemos coalition delivered a letter to the Argentine Soccer Association calling on all footballers to finish their education, no matter what degree.

The lawmaker, who is the President of the Argentine University Federation, also asked the national team, captained by Leonel Messi, to wear an emblem on their jerseys marking the 100th anniversary of the Argentine university reform, reports Efe.

The reform was implemented during the 1916-22 administration of Hipolito Yirigoyen, of the Radical Civic Union party, to which Mendoza belongs.

“Many youths see football as a model life worth pursuing, which is why I call for the university reform to be symbolically recognized,” the Congresswoman said in a statement.

“The AFA should find a way to urge football clubs in the entire country to encourage their players to study. Not all players reach the First Division.”

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Mendoza called on the association to “motivate players to finish their education, no matter the degree.”

“Football is a widespread passion and it will be centre stage this year because of the World Cup.”



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