Ariana Grande and Mac Miller going public with relationship

Ariana Grande...Just got out of a bad relationship.

Ariana Grande…Just got out of a bad relationship.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are going very public with their relationship .

The couple hit up Katsu-Ya in the Valley Sunday night and couldn’t keep their hands off of each other — kissing and giggling through the meal. Sources told at one point Ariana was even lying on his lap.

Sources close to them tell us they are dating, even though Mac’s downplayed their relationship in interviews … referring to Ariana as just a “homey.”

They’ve got some history. Before Ariana hooked up with Big Sean … Mac was on the scene as her boyfriend in her “The Way” music video.

Days after photos surfaced of the “Dangerous Woman” singer and rapper kissing during a sushi date, fans can’t help but wonder if these two are officially a pair.

Before followers proclaim these two an official couple, however, they may just want to hear what we’ve just learned.

“Ariana and Mac are hanging out,” a source said. “They like each other, but Ariana just got out of a relationship so no titles are being thrown around yet between the two.”

A source said, “They are just seeing where things go now and getting to know each other.”

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