Ariel Winter feels `confident` Kim K is promoting body positivity

Washington, D.C, Mar. 25 (ANI): Ariel Winter has once again extended moral support to Kim Kardashian, who recently faced criticism over her nude selfie, as she recently said that the latter is promoting body positivity.

Extending her support, the 18-year-old actress recently tweeted, “No one was body shaming @justinbieber when he posted his nude guitar photo so why @kimkardashian? #herbodyherchoice,” E! Online reports.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star was quick to catch the wind of her support and later sent flowers as a thank-you gift.

During her appearance on Australian radio show ‘Kyle and Jackie O Wednesday’, Winter said she feels Kardashian is promoting her body positivity, adding she is happy to see that the 35-year-old actress is comfortable with herself and is free to post anything even if it’s a nude selfie.

She further said she doesn’t understand as to why there is a different approach when guys share nude selfies.

“We’re not able to do the exact same thing and I think it’s really upsetting to be in an industry where that’s happening, so I really decided to stand up for her because I thought it was so ridiculous,” she said.

Amber Rose had earlier defended Kim, saying that she looked stunning in a nude, censored selfie. Rose added that it was totally wrong that many people criticized her over the same. (ANI)

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