Arjun Kapoor learns playing basketball for ‘Half Girlfriend’

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It’s time for Arjun Kapoor to get sporty for his next venture. To get  prepared for his role in Half Girlfriend , Arjun has hit the court to play basketball.

“In the film, among different things that he does, Arjun Kapoor is also required to play basketball,” informs our source. “He has been practising for hours at stretch since December last year. The film will go on floors  this month and Arjun Kapoor has developed his skills big time so one can tackle the of the game.”

During school days  Arjun Kapoor, used to play center during inter-school basketball tournaments. Though over the years, he worked towards spending time in front of the camera; his recent exposure to all the outdoor action in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ meant that leaning back towards basketball wasn’t tough.

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“It has been one experience for sure because I am turning into a completely different man for Half Girlfriend,” ” says Arjun, “Other than playing basketball, I am learning Bhojpuri as well. The practice is on .”

Half Girlfriend will be directed by Mohit Suri which will release exactly after a year from now. It is based upon Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘Half Girlfriend’ and it features Shraddha Kapoor opposite Arjun Kapoor.

“I am happy that there is some kind of conversation that has happened post the film. People should talk about what they want to do. If someone wants to work and another wants to take care of home, that’s okay. Why should gender come in between? Aisi baatcheet ke liye open forum chahiye, naa ki ek closed door debate. I am glad Ki & Ka managed that,” says Arjun.

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I n the meantime, what happens next?
“Well, I am taking one film at a time. I want to give a while well to Half Girlfriend before I plunge into something else,” Arjun says earlier than signing off.

Half Girlfriend is all set to go on floors this month.  “CINEWS”

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