Around one billion Euros gambled on each PL game

Johannesburg, Sept.17 (ANI): The executive director of the Qatar-based International Centre for Sport Security, Chris Eaton, has revealed that nearly one billion Euros is gambled globally on each Premier League game with a vast majority of them in illegal bets.

Eaton estimated that up to eighty percent of the gambled amount is through illegal betting.

He added that people choose to bet on half-time and full-time scores, so that they could earn huge amount of money, Sport24 reported.

Eaton, who is attending the meeting organised by UNESCO-ICSS to follow up on measures designed to combat match-fixing, said that these illegal acts are continuing and getting worse each day.

Former FIFA head of security further warned the government to take some action on the issue otherwise sport would continue to suffer in the coming future.

He added that sports would not survive ten years from now if government would keep waiting for the sport to cure their own problems.

Over 60 experts from around the world are attending the two-day event in Qatar. They will also examine the progress made in combating match-fixing and sports manipulation.(ANI)

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