Arson attempt at Al-Jamia Masjid Vancouver

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An arson attempt at Al-Jamia Masjid Vancouver on Thursday evening during prayers (Maghrib Namaaz) was thwarted by a member of the congregation who caught the culprit in the act of lighting a series of boxes on fire. A small fire resulted, but was put out by the Vancouver Fire Department.
The Vancouver Police Department have been informed and are working with Pakistan-Canada Association to apprehend the suspect. No motive has been determined. The suspect was white, but there is no other description of him.
Pakistan-Canada Association said they will be taking steps to reduce further risk to the complex and visitors.
No word yet if the suspect was anti-Muslim or like Iqbal Hessan’s who on multiple occasions vandalized St. Catherine of Siena Church in Mississauga. Iqbal’s hatred of Christianity was put down to mental illness and anger issues by his father. – CINEWS

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