Article 35A is not ‘Sab ka sath, Sab ka vikas’, says senior advocate Jagdeep Dhankar

New Delhi, July 13 (ANI): Jagdeep Dhankar, a senior advocate, while elucidating on Article 35A of the Indian Constitution said that the article was added via presidential order in 1954, without the involvement of India’s Parliament. He further said that the article is not in the lines of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea of ‘Sab ka sath, Sab ka vikas’.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, he said, “Few years back, I was not aware of the existence of Article 35A in Constitution of India. One cannot find it since instead of being mentioned in the third part of the Constitution of India, it is mentioned in the appendix. People should have knowledge about it and should know that Article 35A is unlawful and provides that one can have legislation depriving people of their fundamental rights.”

Dhankar expressed confidence that the government would take action to revoke the article as it is opposed to the Prime Minister’s vision.

Article 35A is a surreptitious amendment made to the constitution of India that has led to the continued persecution of lakhs of people in Jammu and Kashmir. It mentions that people, who do not hold PRC (Permanent Residency Certificate), will not be entitled to any fundamental rights.

Jammu Kashmir Study Centre found this amendment during their study about the state of J&K and is planning to challenge it in the court of law. (ANI)

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