Ashish Sharma makes difference to his dressman’s life (TV Snippets)

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Mumbai, March 16 (IANS) Actor Ashish Sharma, who is currently seen playing Ram in popular mythological TV show “Siya Ke Ram”, says he is glad that his presence around his dressman brought a change in his life for good.

Ashish’s dressman came up to him and narrated his story of how, unknowingly, the actor changed his life and got it back on track. Ashish was elated.

“My dressman Santosh entered my vanity and all of a sudden he started thanking me. On asking, he said that he was an alcoholic before he started working here. He is married and blessed with three children.

“His habit of drinking started creating a rift between him and his family as some times they would even have to go fetch him at 4 a.m. in the morning,” Ashish said in a statement.

The actor even shared that it has been two months since his dressman has touched alcohol.

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Gracy Singh meets her friend after nearly 15 years

For Gracy Singh, it was a trip down memory lane when she paid a visit to Ahmedabad to promote &TV’s show “Santoshi Maa”. The actress reunited with her long lost friend.

She went to Ahmedabad last week, and when she went to a radio station for an interview, she chanced upon a radio jockey who turned out to be her friend.

“I was really so surprised to meet her. I hadn’t imagined at all that I would meet her again. She was so little when I met her and now she’s all grown up. It was a really touching meeting,” Gracy said in a statement.

According to a source, their acquaintance goes back to the “Lagaan” days when Gracy was shooting in Bhuj and the RJ was just a little girl. She was a fan of Gracy, and she used to hang around with her on the sets and formed a bond.

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“Unfortunately, after the Bhuj earthquake of 2001, the girl’s family moved to Ahmedabad and the two lost touch. So when Gracy met her again after 15 years, they had a great time catching up and brushing up old memories,” said the source.


The story of Resha Konkar’s sore throat

Actress Resha Konkar, who will be seen in an episode of “Darr Sabko Lagta Hai”, says all the yelling and whining for the horror TV show gave her a “sore throat at the end”.

“I have done a horror episodic before which cannot be compared to ‘Darr Sabko Lagta Hai’ as it is shot so beautifully by the team. It is like a movie in every manner as they used to take multiple shots for the scenes,” Resha said in a statement.

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Resha, who was last seen in TV show “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”, will be seen as a character possessed by an evil spirit in the &TV show.

The episode narrates story of the past and present of Resha’s character. Actress Kishori Shahane will also be seen playing the role of a doctor who tries to cure Resha.

She says the role was “challenging”.

“My role was very challenging as I was chained to the wall, but thanks to the director and the team who were considerate enough to make it easier for me. Also since I was (to act as) possessed by the spirit, I had to yell throughout the shoot which resulted in giving me a sore throat at the end,” the actress added.

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