Ashley Lobo’s company collaborates with Polish dance group

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Mumbai, Nov 15 (IANS) Choreographer Ashley Lobo’s dance company Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT) has collaborated with Poland-based Zawirowania Dance Theatre for their contemporary piece titled ‘The Crossing.

‘The Crossing’ will be held on Saturday at Royal Opera House here.

As part of the collaboration, Lobo will be choreographing the performance which comprises five separate pieces along with Polish choreographers Karolina Kroczak and Elwira Piorun from Zawirowania Dance Theatre.

On the show and the collaboration, Lobo said in a statement: “It is great to see this kind of promotion of alternate dance and art. The collaboration between Navdhara and Zawirowania has been both a learning and fruitful experience for all, and after presenting this performance in Warsaw, I am excited to see how the Mumbai audience responds to the works by all the dancers and choreographers involved.”

The contemporary dance production would celebrate the diversity and common experiences of both cultures on stage through the mystical world of dance, marking the end of the ongoing cross-cultural exchange programme between India and Poland.

Also, Lobo would integrate the notable technique of Prana Paint, a unique sensitising approach developed by him that explores movement through yoga, breath, connectivity, and touch and helps the dancer go deep within.



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