Ask if your vehicle will benefit from synthetic motor oil

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Synthetic oil is not mainly for high-end vehicles anymore, say auto maintenance specialists. This quality oil blend has become a norm.

“Synthetic motor oil delivers the highest level of lubrication, engine cleanliness and long-term protection,” says Gary Bilski, chief engineer at Fram, a leading brand in oil and filters. “It contains additives that reduce wear and help to prevent deposits and sludge from forming.”

Just like the oil protects the engine, a hard-working filter protects the oil, Bilski points out.

“If your intention with synthetic oil is to get the most out of today’s extended oil-change intervals, then it’s even more important to select an oil filter that supports it,” he explains. “For example, our Ultra Synthetic oil filter has a dual-layered, synthetic and cellulose media reinforced with a metal screen for longer drain intervals and higher dirt-trapping efficiency.”

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“This expanded capacity safely captures and holds the accumulating contaminants over a longer period of time. It’s engineered specifically for use with synthetic oil – and with its dirt-trapping efficiency reported to remove 99 per cent of contaminants (for particles greater than 20 microns) your engine will be protected up to 24,000 kilometers before an oil-drain is needed – and that, we are told, is giving drivers a much higher level of confidence, comfort and security.” – NewsCanada

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