At ‘After the Rains’ show, will Delhiites reveal their caring side?

New Delhi, Oct 13 (IANS) A very talented artist gives his all into creating a brass sculpture. After days of work and giving it a smooth shine, doesn’t find a buyer. At the same time, a cancer patient finds it difficult to pay for his treatment. Atttempting to provide a helping hand to both is the “After the Rains” exhibition here that showcases the works of 30 artists.

A part of the proceeds from the sales of the works on display will go to Cancer Sahyog (Indian Cancer Society). As for the title, it has to do with the post-monsoon period.

“There is a wide palette of choice for the connoisseurs – from colourful to monochromatic figuratives on canvasses, to scenic & floral watercolours on paper, to abstracts – the show would has it all,” Radhika Mukhija, founder of NGO Maadhyam that has mounted the exhiition, told IANS at its preview on Monday.

The exhibition, at The Open Palm Court Gallery, Gate No.2, India Habitat Centre, will be open to the public October 13-16.

“There are be some mesmerising brushworks by Steven Gandhi in his projection of a series titled ‘Freedom’ & ‘Journey. There is also the sensual work of Nishant Dange; Amit Bhar’s images that feel alive to Seema Kohli’s rare-to-find affordable serigraphs (a printing process that forces ink through a fine mesh screen or stencil), there is something for everybody’s tastes & pockets,” Mukhija said.

Her recent art exhibition in Bangalore saw a nice and encouraging turnout.

Asked how she selected the works, Mukhija said: “I totally go by my instinct while selecting works. I like to pick up a selection from every genre so there always is something for everybody. New and emerging artists are always welcome on my shows as long as their works are appealing.”

“I have had a couple of newer and younger artists on all my shows including this one. I am, in fact, looking at tapping talent at its budding stage so newer artists are more than welcome to send their resumes and I shall definitely revert. I am, in fact, soon planning a show only with those whom I perceive as young emerging stars of tomorrow,” Mukhija added.

She feels Delhi is full of the affluent who have taste. Most of the works to range from Rs.40,000 to Rs.200,000. Some works are also priced between Rs.15,000 to Rs 20,000.

Asked about her inspiration for shows like the present one, Mukhija said: “Maadhyam mostly works towards aiding poor & underprivileged cancer patients finding difficulty in making their two ends meet towards their treatment – although it is open to aiding and supporting other genuine organisations & causes that it feels for at that given point of time.”

“Because we are open, effective and transparent towards our objectives, we make sure that we support organisations local to the city we travel to so people and organisations are present and aware of what we are doing. We not only spread awareness through our shows towards such organisations but also support them in whatever little ways we can through the profits of our shows. Because we are genuine and transparent, organisations like to associate with us. Every drop adds to the ocean and we like to make efforts towards making that little difference,” she added.

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