Athiya Shetty shares her secrets behind her fit body !

Suniel Shetty is better known for his love for working out and the martial arts is the real reason behind him. His daughter is following his footsteps too ! After making an impressive debut in ‘Hero’ , Athiya Shetty has taken up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training to stay in shape.Athiya-Shetty-HD-pic

Aythiya Shetty decides to change her exerscise regimen and thus opt Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training . Athiya is enjoying herself so much that she ensures she doesn’t skip any of her unusual work out sessions. And the results, say insiders are showing.

Athiya is training under grand master Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, who in the past is said to have trained the special armed force commando units of different security forces. Bhardwaj also worked with Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff in ‘Baaghi’.

The actress says that her new training has made her stronger, helps her relieve stress and focus better. In an interview with a daily, Athiya said, “It is the highlight of my day, whether it is waking up at 6 am for it or ending my day with it. It might sound crazy, but if you have faith and if you believe, you can achieve so much. It’s all about training your mind.” “CINEWS”

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