Australian Foreign Minister visits school in Gurugram

Gurugram, July 19 (IANS) Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop visited a school here on Wednesday as part of bilateral students and teachers exchange programme.

BRIDGE (Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement), started in 2015, is an international programme that creates partnership between teachers, students and school communities, encouraging students to collaborate on projects, practice language skills and develop friendships with their peers at partner schools.

The Minister did a live interaction with BRIDGE students in Australia and India and talked about “careers of the future”.

“This is a time of unprecedented change and we see technological advancements disrupting the way we live, the way we communicate and the way we work. We can see that jobs of the future, careers of the future are very different,” said Bishop.

She said that Australia is the second most popular destination for international students and 70,000 Indian students enrolled to study in Australian universities last year.



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