Australian state accused of softening on youth crime

Melbourne, May 2 (IANS) Australia’s Victoria state has come under fire of softening its stance on youth crime, after introducing laws which make breaching bail no longer an offence for those under 18.

From Monday, a new legislation will come into effect in Victoria, making it impossible for the local courts to sentence juveniles that breach bail conditions, Xinhua news agency reported.

In 2013, the previous Liberal-National government imposed stricter penalties for those aged under 18 who flouted their bail parametres.

But last year, the Labour government turned back the law after taking office.

Victoria’s Police Association Secretary Ron Iddles told Melbourne Radio that the government had made a grave error rolling back the judicial clause.

“The Attorney-General (Martin Pukula) could fix it by going back and saying that if you breach your bail as a child, that’s an offence,” Iddles said on Monday.

News Corp reported that the Victorian government repealed the harsher bail legislation on the basis that it had led to overcrowding of youth detention centres.



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