Author Amos Oz at the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem

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Best Selling Author Amos Oz visit Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem

Jerusalem-born author, Prof. Amos Oz, visited to the Friends of Zion Museum in the historic Nachalat Shiva neighborhood of Jerusalem, where he delivered a lecture to top-ranking defense ministry officials. The lecture introducing Oz’s new book “Jews and Words” – co-written with Oz’s daughter – historian and scholar Fania Oz-Salzberger.

Oz – a true man of letters, is an award winning author, whose highly-acclaimed books have been translated to over 42 languages – more than any other Israeli author. Last year,Natalie Portman directed and starred in a feature film based on his semi-autobiographical novel “a Tale of Love and Darkness.”

Before his lecture, Oz took the opportunity to join a guided tour of the museum’s vivid exhibits, presenting the rich history of non-Jews, who over the last 200 years have risked their reputation and fortune, at times even their very lives, to stand by the Jewish people, and support the Zionist dream and creation of the State of Israel.

Oz was in awe of the exhibits delivered via some of the most impressive museum technology in the world, including three-dimensional projection mapping on unique sculptures and complex rotoscope animations that bring live-action video footage into a painted media. They learned about the contributions of Friends of Zion such as US President Harry Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US president’s forefather, Prof. George W. Bush, Orde Wingate, and righteous gentiles such as Oskar Schindler,Raoul Wallenberg and the Ten Boom family, who risked their lives to save Jews persecuted throughout the world.

For Oz, it was a completely new way of experiencing the story of the founding of the state ofIsrael – a story he took an active part in since the day he was born: “I think that this museum is the future, and kids will all want to see museums in this way.”

In “Jews and Words”, Oz and Oz-Zeltzberg, explore Jewish history and literature for the link/bond between the Jewish people and words, while providing some food for thought on Jewish continuity, on the strong voice of women in the Jewish culture and the importance of the acquaintance of children with writers. The book searches for meaning in the crucial role the written word has played throughout Jewish history, and raises the question whether secular Jews can and will remain Jews with time.

Friends of Zion:

FOZ was officially opened last September. Shimon Peres, Israel’s 9th President, serves as International Chairman of the Board and Israeli General Yossi Peled serves as the Israeli chair of board of trustees.

The Friends of Zion is much more than just a museum. It sets itself a goal of serving as a bridge, connecting people from around the world and motivating more communities to come out in support of Israel. It is a global movement. The Museum highlights the connection to Zionism from as early as the 19th century and praises the work of those who have come to the aid of the Jewish people in recent times – through the British Mandate, the Holocaust and up until the establishment of the State of Israel. – PRNewswire

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