Automobile mechanic in Assam builds helicopter

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Guwahati, Feb 12 (ANI): Chandra Sharma, an automobile mechanic from Assam’s Dhemaji district, has with his hard work and willpower built a helicopter and named it ‘Pawan Putra’.

Sharma, who has spent more than Rs. 15 lakh to build this helicopter, claims the machine can carry two people 30-50 feet above the ground.

“I had in mind since my childhood that one day I will make a helicopter. When we look at this, we find there is one big fan at the top and one small at the back. So, I calculated in my mind the functions of the big and the small fan and then I got to know what the functions of these two are,” he said.

Sharma is awaiting clearance from the concerned authorities.

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“He used to do other activities during the day like looking after our children, do daily chores and earn for livelihood. In the night, he worked for this (helicopter),” said Sharma’s wife Jugmani.

There are many like Chandra Sharma in every nook and corner of the country who can do wonders and bring laurels to the country if given the right opportunities. (ANI)

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