Awareness the key for sex change operations: Experts

New Delhi, July 13 (IANS) Trapped as a woman with a man’s soul, life got a meaning after 28-year-old Komal underwent a sex change operation to become Kabir.

Like Kabir, there are many who have successfully undergone sex change operations and plastic surgeries in the country.

To commemorate the National Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Day that falls on July 15 every year, Fortis Hospital organised an event at its Shalimar Bagh branch here on Wednesday.

The event saw patients like Kabir who shared their stories how they survived and overcome challenges.

“It was tough to convince my parents. Our society usually does not accept sex change so easily. But this is something I wanted and am happy to be what I felt about myself,” Kabir told IANS.

The experts also emphasised on the importance of creating more awarness among people regarding sex change operations.

“Awarness is the most important thing. Though people have started accepting it, a lot of knowledge still needs to be disseminated in the society,” said Richie Gupta, Senior Consultant, (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) at Fortis.

“It is a challenge for us everytime we meet a patient who needs to go for such operations. It engages our creativity to recreate a body part to bring a normal appearance,” Gupta added.

Sex change ratio can only be done after age 16 and acknowledged by at least two psychiatrists. Hormonal therapy, which is a life-long process, begins three months prior to the operation as it helps in transition.

“Transition from male to female requires three operations and costs around Rs 5-6 lakh while from female to male, one or two operations are required which costs around Rs 2-3 lakh,” Gupta noted.



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