Babul Supriyo refuses Bengal government’s facilities

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Kolkata, June 29 (IANS) A day after his fierce spat with the District Magistrate of West Bengal’s Purulia on his way to BJP President Amit Shah’s public meeting, Union Minister Babul Supriyo on Friday announced he has decided to refuse all facilities provided by the Trinamool Congress government during his visit to the state.

“In protest of many a atrocity of the WB government … I have decided to refuse all facilities provided by the ‘TMC’, that what is customary when certain representatives from the Centre visit a State,” the BJP MP wrote on social media.

He mentioned that the rejected facilities include the state vehicle, state guest house accommodation and pilot cars.

“I have instructed my office to stop sending my Tour Programmes’s to the government as is the general practice when a Central Minister visits,” the post said.

Supriyo alleged that the vehicle provided to him by the state government did not have airbags, a safety device, even though he had to travel 240 km from Kolkata airport to his constituency in Asansol.

“I relieve the TMC Government and their officers, the agony and pain they have to go through, to provide hospitality to a BJP member. I do not use or need the Hooters of the Police Pilot Cars either. I can and will work my way through without any help from them,” he wrote.

“They shall remain a TMC Government and me a BJP member, fighting their atrocity, so let’s end this Double Standard once and for all. It is not anything else, it will give me peace,” he added.

Supriyo had a heated exchange with Purulia DM Alokesh Prasad Roy over clearing a road blockade, enroute to Amit Shah’s meeting, after the government official allegedly refused to comply with the Minister’s direction.

Roy, however, claimed that he had given the necessary instructions to the district police chief to end the commotion.



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