Baby boy delivered in Uber cab, named after car service

New Delhi, Dec. 12 (ANI): A woman in New Delhi has named her newborn after U.S.-based online taxi-hailing service Uber after she delivered a baby boy in an Uber cab.

The woman, Babli, on Thursday hired the cab after repeated calls for an ambulance went unanswered.

Babli, who was accompanied by two females, wanted to be taken to state-run Safdarjung Hospital. But they had to stop in between and Babli delivered the baby inside the cab, which was turned into an emergency labour room.

Apparently, taxi driver Shahnawaz Khan, who helped facilitated the birth of baby boy, suggested to name the newborn after the company he works for.

Babli said she decided to name her child after Uber because he was born in one while she was on her way to the hospital.

“I named him after Uber because the baby was born in Uber cab,” Babli told ANI.

Soon after the baby was born, Khan rushed the woman to the hospital where she was taken into an emergency ward.

“I thought if something unfortunate happens, it will be a problem, which is why I helped the woman. The delivery took place in the cab and we got to know it was a boy. I jokingly said, number of passenger has increased in my car. Everyone was smiling but the patient was crying. She was in pain. So, after the delivery I restarted the car and rushed towards Safdarjang Hospital,” Khan said.

Reportedly, the baby will be named Uber at a ceremony on Sunday. (ANI)

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