Bacha Khan University under attack: top developments so far

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Peshawar, Jan. 20 (ANI): Following are the top developments in the terrorist attack today on the Bacha Khan University, located in Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Charsadda is a district in Pakistan’s northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and has been a scene of several militant attacks during the past decade.

1. 3000 students enrolled in the university

2. According to Geo TV, one chemistry professor killed after being shot in head

3. Evacuation of campus currently on

4. Terrorists entered form the back-gate as the security at the front-gate was high

5. Two guards were injured at the gate

6. Extensive firing continues in the area and heavy contingents of elite force have been deployed, including aerial support given by Army choppers

7. Pashtun independence activist Bacha Khan Baba died on January 20, 1988. It is his death anniversary today

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8. Helicopters called in to assist the operation

9. Panic stricken parents have gathered outside the University

10. Five persons, who suffered minor injuries, have been shifted to District Headquarters Hospital, Charsadda, for treatment

11. Army contingents have also arrived at the scene and firing is continuing

12. According to the Dawn, a rescued student claims that 60 to 70 students had been shot in the head by the attackers. The student added that the attack is reminiscent of the Army Public School Peshawar attack in December 16, 2014.

13. More than 50 injured, security forces say. Injured being taken to hospital, Geo Tv reports.

14. Nine injured at the hospital

15. Operation on inside and outside campus

16. No proper roads around university, only farms

17. At the time of attack, an event regarding death anniversary of Pashtun politician Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, known as Bacha Khan, was being attended by a large number of students inside the university

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18. Media persons are not being allowed inside

19. Armed assailants scaled the university walls and opened fire

20. Multiple blasts were heard along with heavy gunfire

21. Pakistani journalist Talat Hussain tweets: Eyewitnesses say ‘dozens killed’. Terrorists had a free hand for 50 mnts. Now terrorists are in one block

22. Talat Hussain tweets: Very serious development. Spoke to a stranded teacher who said intense firing and total chaos at campus

23. Dawn tweets: DIG Saeed Wazir says two attackers have been killed

24. Dawn tweets: Rescue officials say some 50 students have been rescued from the premises

25. Dawn tweets: An Edhi volunteer says he has seen the bodies of at least 15 persons

26. Two loud blasts heard from inside the university at 1141 hours IST(ANI)

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