Bad luck for Zuckerberg: China continues blocking foreign sites

Washington D.C., Dec. 14 (ANI): China’s Internet czar, Lu Wei, has announced that the country has no plans to unblock foreign websites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with some news sites.

According to CNN, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been courting China quite diligently but there is little sign that his efforts are paying off.

Zuckerberg has been learning Mandarin and welcoming Chinese officials to Facebook’s offices and asking President Xi Jinping to choose a name for his then unborn child.

Lu said that they will not welcome people who solely want to make money in China and on the other hand, ‘smear’ the country.

Activists claim that regulators have shut downs devices that let people access blocked content and also warned their developers in China and abroad. (ANI)

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