Badshah’s friend Raftaar disses Honey Singh’s `Nano` remark

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By Ashish Kumar Singh

New Delhi, March13 (ANI): Yo Yo Honey Singh and his counterpart rapper Badshah may have collaborated earlier on hit songs, but everyone is aware about the bitter rivalry between the two.

The war became more prominent between the former members of Mafia Mundeer group when Honey Singh recently compared himself to ultra luxurious brand Rolly-Royce and tagged Badshah as Nano.

ANI exclusively spoke to Honey Singh’s competitors Fazilpuria and Raftaar to know what they feel about the bold statement made by the ‘Brown Rang’ hit-maker.

Speaking on the Nano remark, Raftaar, who is also known to have bad terms with Honey Singh, told ANI, “Nano is one car which easily drives into narrow lanes unlike Rolls-Royce and there was one Maharaja in Rajasthan who used to load garbage in his Rolls Royce.”

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“When it’s ego speaking, then Honey Singh is not somebody who made us, so we don’t care. He is no body, added the 27-year-old rapper.

Completely supporting Badshah, the ‘Chull’ hit-maker Fazilpuria said, “It is usually oldies who drive Rolls-Royce and that era is long-gone. Nano is one car which is more seen on the roads unlike the posh Rolls-Royce and whatever is seen in the public-eye sells more.”

Raftaar even mentioned the issue on stage while performing at a concert in Delhi/NCR most recently.

Rappers Honey Singh, Badshah and Raftaar were once part of a group called Mafia Mundeer but all of them parted ways over creative differences in 2012.

It would be interesting to see Badshah’s take on the entire matter. (ANI)

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