‘Badtameez Dil’ to be shot on Rs.2.5 crore set (TV Snippets)

Mumbai, June 25 (IANS) The small screen is turning out to be no less than the silver screen — even in terms of its budget and sets! “Phir Bhi Naa Maane…Badtameez Dil”, an upcoming show, will be shot on a set which has cost Rs.2.5 crore, says the producer.

The set for the musical love story is made with a lot of creative aspects in mind. It includes a music studio that forms the main backdrop for the show, an office exterior, and the houses of the two leads — Meher played by Asmita Sood and Abeer played by debutant Pearl V Puri.

According to a source, the interiors of the set are top-notch and modern in their appeal. One wouldn’t call it a regular set erected for a show as a lot of time has been spent on its formation.

“The show is based on a love story with a musical backdrop, as the leads work in a music channel on the show. Keeping this track in mind, a lot of money and time has been invested in building the set which is one of the most expensive sets for a fiction show as we have spent a whopping Rs.2.5 crore,” Saurabh Tewari, producer of the show, said in a statement.

“My art director Sumit Mishra has done a fantabulous job in making the set look larger than life and fancy just as I had pictured it to be,” he added.

“Phir Bhi Naa Maane…Badtameez Dil” will be aired on Star Plus starting June 29.


‘Entertainment’ canine to do cameo in ‘Baal Veer’

Bruno, the golden retriever dog, who played the title role in Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s comedy film “Entertainment”, will next be seen doing a cameo in TV show “Baal Veer”.

The upcoming track of the show will see Bruno playing a negative role. He will be sent by an evil Pari as a bait to trap Baal Veer (Dev Joshi).

“It was an amazing experience shooting with Bruno. In such a short time we have got very emotionally attached with him. He is very sweet loving and surely one of my best friends now,” Dev said in a statement.

The episode featuring Bruno will be aired next week on SAB TV.


Aashif Sheikh turns spiritual guru on TV show

Actor Aashif Sheikh, who essays Vibhuti Narayan in TV show “Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain?”, will soon transform himself into a holy spiritual guru ‘Vibhutanand’ for his onscreen wife Angoori (Shilpa Shinde).

In the upcoming track, after learning about Angoori’s devotion towards a certain guru, Vibhuti will don a saint’s avatar — quite similar to the guru that she worships.

Aashif will be seen talking to plants, performing magic tricks and observing an indefinite fast.

“It was a tough task, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, I did have to stay in the Saadhu’s avatar for a long time. But then again it was a challenging task to maintain the subtlety in tone and to express various gestures and yet be my mischievous self,” Aashif said in a statement.

Shilpa says when she saw Aashif on the set dressed as ‘Vibhutanand’, she didn’t “recognise” him.

The episode featuring Aashif as ‘Vibhutanand’ will be aired on Friday on &TV.


Nandish, Rashami to recreate their real life in dance act

“It takes guts to bring such a sensitive topic in front of the public eyes. Nandish and Rashami performed to an emotional number which showed the lows in their marriage when they had applied for divorce and were given six months by the judge to reconcile,” a source from the show’s set said in a statement.

The source added that their performance was appreciated and it got everybody emotional.

Nandish says it was emotional to rehearse for the act and finally perform it.

“There have been a lot of speculations about our relationship. Too many questions and we always tried not to talk about it as things only get worse with too much outside involvement. Now that things are better, we decided to do this performance. Flashes kept coming up of the tough times we both had to go through, when we were rehearsing also,” Nandish said.

“It was very tough emotionally to concentrate on dancing but we did manage to pull off the act. Initially when our choreographers discussed the concept with us we were uncomfortable doing it but they convinced us to do it. Now that’s it’s done, we feel much more relieved. I feel glad that we decided to do this performance,” he added.

The couple tied the knot on February 12, 2012.

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