Bangladesh national with heterogeneous pregnancy cured in India

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New Delhi, Oct 13 (IANS) A resident of Dhaka in Bangladesh, diagnosed with heterogenous pregnancy and unable to conceive for 8-9 years, was successfully cured after undergoing a laprascopic surgery at a city hospital here on Thursday.

The 31-year-old patient was suffering from multi-sited pregnancy — coexistence of two or more simultaneous pregnancies with separate implantation sites — one of which is ectopic in which the fertilised egg gets implanted outside the uterus.

Arvind Vaid, IVF expert at Indira IVF Hospital, said the patient, Sharmin Imam had earlier undergone diagnostic laparoscopy followed by laparotomy for severe endometriosis with severe bowel adhesions.

“We suggested her to undergo IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment with donor eggs. After transferring three embryos, the woman tested positive for pregnancy. Later, she underwent an ultrasound in Dhaka and was diagnosed with hetrotrophic/heterogeneous pregnancy,” said Vaid.

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Vaid said: “A timely diagnosis of heterogeneous pregnancy and intervention often results in successful outcome of the intrauterine foetus. Imam’s post-operative obstetric scan revealed a healthy intrauterine sac of seven weeks with cardiac activity of 146 beats per minute. Therefore, she was discharged two days after the surgery.”



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