Bangladesh situation can disrupt Bengal’s harmony: Yechury

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Kolkata, July 13 (IANS) Accusing the BJP and the Trinamool Congress of colluding to communally polarise West Bengal, CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday warned the prevalent situation in Bangladesh could disrupt the state’s harmony.

“This match fixing between the BJP and the Trinamool is creating a communal divide in Bengal. They are feeding each other to polarise the state for their political gains,” said Yechury while delivering the Promode Dasgupta Memorial Lecture here.

“The prevailing situation in Bangladesh is having a negative effect on Bengal. In fact it has the potential to disrupt the harmony in the state and Bengal should be aware of that,” he said referring to the recent terror attacks and incidents of violence in the neighbouring country.

Questioning why the Bangladesh border in West Bengal wasn’t sealed, Yechury also accused the BJP of keeping alive the Bangladeshi infiltration issue instead of solving it.

“The BJP is now alleging that Muslims are now entering India disguising as Hindus. We said whether Hindu or Muslim, they are all Bangladeshi and they shouldn’t be allowed to come to India illegally.

“Tripura, using its own resources has sealed the border with Bangladesh, but same has not been done in Bengal. The BJP government is not doing this because they want keep it alive as an issue, they don’t want to solve this issue of infiltration,” he said.

The veteran Marxist also said the government should focus on investigating controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s speeches instead of communalising the issue.

“Whatever there is against Naik, that should be investigated and on that basis, whatever action is required should be taken. They should investigate instead of trying to create a trouble out of it,” he said.



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