Bar Refaeli out on bail

Tel Aviv, Dec 19 (IANS) Israeli model-actress Bar Refaeli, who was arrested for tax evasion, is now out on bail.

The 30-year-old model who has been accused of failing to report millions of dollars of income that she had earned abroad and thousands of dollars in “celebrity benefits”, has been released on $193,000 bail, reports

The model was questioned at the Tel Aviv offices of the Israel Tax Authority on Wednesday, before the court agreed to release her on Friday.

She is also supposed to seek permission if she wants to leave Israel and post a $64,000 bond.

Refaeli has been accused of trying to hide the fact that she was a resident of Israel by living in Tel Aviv apartments registered to her mother Tzipi, who too is under investigation.

Non-resident Israelis are exempted from having to declare income earned abroad.

The tax authority also accused the Israeli “The X Factor” host of failing to report discounts on luxury goods and other benefits that should have been subject to income tax, such as the free use of Range Rover and Lexus cars which weren’t registered to her but were provided by companies in exchange for promotional photos.

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