Bayern president Rummenigge dismisses idea of selling Muller

Berlin, Sep 4 (IANS) If Bayern Munich was a bank, it would have had to sell its forward Thomas Muller, the clubs’ president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said on Friday, referring to the lucrative offered by Manchester United.

“I’m talking about figures which were very high indeed. If I were a bank manager then I would have had to accept it,” Rummenigge said, reports Efe.

However, Bayern president explained that “as a football club we allowed ourselves to close the door on it, and this door is remaining closed. I can promise that to everybody.”

Various media outlets asserted that Man United’s offer to purchase Muller was 100 million euros ($111 million).

Rummnigge pointed out that when he stated that Muller would not be sold during the Asian tour of Bayern, there was no offer yet, but Manchester’s offer appeared soon after.

“But one thing is for certain, in view of the increased television money in England things are not going to get any easier for Bayern in future,” Rummnigge added.

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