BB9: Kishwar Merchant gets kicked by Mandana Karimi

New Delhi, Nov. 12(ANI): The clash between Kishwar Merchant and Mandana Karimi took a bad turn when Mandana kicked Kishwar during the luxury budget task.

`Bigg Boss 9` house was divided into two teams, team A: Rochelle, Mandana, Aman, Digangana and Rishabh and team B: Kishwar, Prince, Rimi, Suyyash and Puneet during the task.

During the second day when Prince tried to throw cold water on Mandana, she kicked Kishwar as she held her mike.

Not only this, after kicking, Mandana accused Kishwar for strangling her with the mike, which led to the heated arguments and abusing.

Later, after dismissing the task, Bigg Boss nominated Mandana for her act and took her voting rights for the next nominations. (ANI)

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