Be closer to your lady when she wishes to be alone: study

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New Delhi, Mar. 9 (ANI): On the eve of Women’s Day, a social media study ‘Decoding Women’ made an attempt to unravel a women’s mind to help men understand and appreciate them better.

The campaign by Matchify, a mobile-only relationship app, witnessed 7.2k responses with about 80 per cent respondents being women.

The campaign trended for a few hours on Twitter with many young girls sharing their perspective. To honour women, Matchify created live cartoons of the winning responses and hosted them on Twitter and Facebook.

The objective of the study was to find out what women really meant when they said something and also get an insight into how men read these situations.

Questions ranged from what do girls actually mean when they say “I’m fine” to “Nothing, forget it” and “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.

When asked what men should do when a woman says ‘I’ll be ready in 5 minutes”, 45 per cent said they could help with some household chores as she got ready, 34 per cent said they should let women take their time and 21 per cent opined that men could utilise the opportunity to watch their favourite programs on TV.

When asked to share their opinion on what “I’m fine” means when uttered by a woman, 40 per cent wanted men to figure out what they meant, 40 per cent said everything isn’t fine and 20 per cent said women needed to be left alone for some time.

A thorough research of the campaign revealed four interesting opinions by users for decoding women:

A woman always puts her partner’s interests above her own.

Nothing changes a woman’s mood more than complimenting her and talking about her ambitions.

Even when a woman says she wants to be alone, she actually wants the man to be by her side.

Avoiding problems and situations are a big turn-off for women. (ANI)

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