Beer can wait till Ashes’ end, says Siddle

Gaya, (Bihar), July 15 (ANI): The police nabbed three Maoist rebels, who are wanted in several cases, in Gaya district of Bihar.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Manu Maharaj, whose team arrested the rebels, said that the three were captured during a police operation.

“We have arrested three Maoist rebels in the search operation. The first one is Laxmi Singh Bhokta, who belongs to the old cadre of Maoist rebels and has been involved in many operations. He has revealed information about many operations after being interrogated. Another rebel who has been arrested is Bindu Bhuiya. He had blown up a police vehicle in Roshanganj and killed five police personnel. The last one is Jitender Yadav, who has also been part of many insurgent activities. He is the son of Yogesh Yadav who was an area commander and has led an ambush in which many policemen were killed,” said Maharaj.

Maharaj added that the police had initiated a programme to rehabilitate the rebels who willingly surrendered before the police by providing them with employment and monetary relief. (ANI)

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