Beijing taps new water sources

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Beijing, Feb 26 (IANS) Beijing is multiplying its water sources to meet the demand of a growing population, and will increasingly rely on supplies recycled from sewage treatment plants, the media reported on Friday.

The city’s annual water consumption goal for 2016 is 4 billion cubic metres, of which 25 percent will come from recycled supplies — an increase from 800 million cubic metres three years ago, the Beijing Water Authority said.

In 2020, consumption is expected to reach 4.3 billion cubic metres, with the recycled water supply reaching 1.2 billion cubic metres, The China Daily reported citing the authority.

The recycled water is to be sourced from a new type of sewage treatment plant that is cleaner and has higher water quality standards. Construction will start this year on 17 new processing plants.

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Some businesses that consume huge amounts of water, such as carwashes, also are expected to use recycled water. The recycled water could also be used for green belts and at some scenic sites.

In addition to increasing the use of recycled water, Beijing will also explore more sources to meet the demand of its growing population, which reached 21.7 million at the end of 2014.

The amount of water transferred via the diversion project will climb to 1.1 billion cubic metres this year, accounting for another 25 percent of the total supply.

By 2020, the city’s sewage treatment rate is expected to surpass 95 percent. To reach the water pollution reduction goals, the capital plans to expand its sewage collection and improve urban sewage treatment facilities.

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