Believe it or not, Texan girl sneezes 20 times a minute, 12,000 times a day

Melbourne, Oct. 13 (ANI): A 12-year-old Texan girl sneezes at least 20 times a minute, leaving doctors enigmatic about her illness.

Katelyn Thornley, a normal seventh grade student, plays the clarinet and listens to music, but has left several doctors puzzled with her bizarre sneezing condition, reports.

In an interview with a news channel, Thornley, who sneezes up to 12,000 times a day, said she is constantly in pain and weak, and can barely eat.

The 12-year-old wishes she could just leave her body for a while, and said that even in her dreams, she sneezes.

The mysterious condition in Katelyn occurred after a clarinet lesson, but her parents assumed that it was just an allergy that would go away.

Doctors have suggested that stress may be the main cause. (ANI)

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