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Wellington, July 4 (ANI): An Auckland man, Daryl Forse, has been recently found guilty for recklessly ill-treating his pet dog, which nearly starved to death on a diet of instant noodles.

The owner of Nasa, which is a German shepherd crossbreed, confessed that he was unable to feed it properly and kept it alive on instant noodles, reported

Andrea Midgen, CEO of SPCA Auckland said that when an SPCA inspector found the female pet in October 2013, it was too weak to walk or stand and was close to death.

She added that a vet found the pet was so malnourished that it had no fat reserves under the skin or around her major organs, something that only occurs in the final stages of starvation, and these conditions would have caused chronic pain that no animal should have to experience.

Midgen further claimed that dogs couldn’t survive on human food or scraps and must be fed quality dog food designed to give them the nutrition they need.

The unemployed owner was charged with ill-treatment of an animal and was sentenced on July 3 in the Manukau District Court.

He was ordered to forfeit any animals he owned and was banned from owning animals for 10 years.

Forse was also ordered to complete 200 hours of community service and was asked to pay legal and court costs of 1,130 US dollars. (ANI)

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