Ben Simmons hires extra security to keep former beau at bay

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Los Angeles, July 9 (IANS) Professional basketball player Ben Simmons, who is dating Kendall Jenner at present, has expressed concerns about being stalked by his former beau Tinashe Kachingwe.

Simmons, 21, is worried about Kachingwe showing up at places where he is with his current beau. He believes these instances aren’t mere co-incidences and are rather a result of Kachingwe’s obsessive behaviour, reports TMZ.

Simmons believes Kachingwe hasn’t been able to accept the fact that he has moved on with Jenner.

So, he has decided to hire extra security force, as he doesn’t want to compromise on Jenner’s safety.

Simmons started dating Jenner after he broke up with Kachingwe.



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