Bengal celebrates Vishwakarma Puja

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Kolkata, Sep 17 (IANS) Kites in a variety of shapes, sizes and vibrant hues floated in the sky while workers prayed for safe working conditions on Vishwakarma Puja in West Bengal on Saturday.

Artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, welders, masons, industrial and factory workers worshipped Lord Vishwakarma — the divine architect — to ensure smooth functioning of machine parts and their tools.

Pujas were organised in almost every nook and corner of the state including the bus termini, cycle-rickshaw and auto-rickshaw stands.

Vehicles were decorated with garlands and streamers while engineers refrained from using gadgets and other devices as a mark of obeisance to the god.

Factories and warehouses remained shut and labourers enjoyed devotional songs and special feasts.

Idols and photographs of the deity were installed at workplaces including factories, automobile shops and miniature replicas adorned the interiors of cabs and buses.

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The day is celebrated by youth and teenagers by flying colourful kites. Kite flying competitions are also held among various localities.



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