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Bengaluru races cancelled as 3 horses trip

Bengaluru, Nov 15 (IANS) The Bengaluru Turf Club (BTC) cancelled all the six races for Friday after three horses tripped in the first race and their jockeys fell down from their backs, as they dashed soon after they began galloping, an official said.

“We cancelled the remaining six races due to the mishap in the first race when three of the 12 horses ran into each other and tripped in which their jockeys also fell down,” BTC official Mahadev Prasad told IANS here.

Chaos prevailed on the race course ground and stands as punters went berserk, protesting cancellation of the races in which they had high stakes by betting on their favourite horses.

“We called the police to control the situation as several punters barged into our club office and asked to return the money paid as their share of betting,” Prasad said.

The police used force to evict the punters from the stands, as they were damaging the office furniture, television sets and window panes.

The first race was the 1200 metre November Plate with 12 horses.

“We have ordered an inquiry to investigate what went wrong and how the horses in the front row left side clashed and tripped over, with one of them injuring its one leg,” added Prasad.




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