Bengaluru women swap kidneys, save each other’s husband

Bengaluru, July 3 (ANI): Two women in Bengaluru gave a new life to each other’s husband by participating in a kidney swap at a Bengaluru hospital.

The doctors at the Columbia Asia Referral Hospital successfully conducted the surgeries on June 24.

The patients, Venugopal and Bhimsain, were suffering from chronic kidney disease and required a transplant. Although their wives Savitri and Anuradha wanted to donate their organs but their blood groups did not match with their own husbands.

It was then that the doctors suggested kidney donation as Savitri’s blood group matched with Bhimsain while Anuradha’s blood group was fit for Venugopal.

“It is God’s destiny otherwise we can’t get such pair. It is only because of God’s grace,” said Anuradha, wife of Bhimsain.

Meanwhile, Bhimsain Joshi said his donor Savitri was like his sister and both families want to preserve their new-found relation.

“What else we need to say that Savitri is my sister and Anuradha is Venugopal’s sister. Now both the families want to keep this relation preserved for life long as there is something between the two families which is a reason of their smiles,” he said.

Ajit K. Huilgol, Chief Transplant Surgeon at the hospital said the incident is an apt example which clearly says there is nothing bigger than humanity. (ANI)

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