Benicio del Toro to star in DiCaprio’s production

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Los Angeles, April 8 (IANS) Actor Benicio del Toro will star in the upcoming Cuban-American crime saga “The Corporation”, which will be co-produced by actor-filmmaker Leonardo DiCaprio’s banner Appian Way and Paramount Pictures.

The banners have won an auction for T.J. English’s upcoming book “The Corporation: An Epic Story of the Cuba American Underworld”. The non-fiction book will be published in 2017 by William Morrow and will be adapted into a film by David Matthews, reports

The story of the book centres on Jose Miguel Battle Sr, the leader of “The Corporation”. Battle served as a key operative for Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista, bringing him his cut from the gambling casinos when the mafia ran Cuba.

Battle – also known as the Godfather – escaped to the US when Fidel Castro took over Cuba in 1959 and was trained by the CIA to invade the country at the ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion. Having saved the lives of 28 of his men, he started out running a numbers racket and soon moved on to money laundering and murder.

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Battle and his associates never gave up the dream of killing Castro and reclaiming Cuba as they became financiers of the anti-Castro movement. The Corporation would survive and grow until finally being brought down by a detective who pursued them relentlessly for over 15 years.

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