Best place to live in Canada lists Mississauga at 61, Brampton, 154




The MoneySense magazine list releases an annual list of the best places to live in the country that ranks 209 towns and cities and Mississauga came in at 61, and Brampton at 154.
Quebec’s Boucherville was the top ranked city followed by Ottawa.



The list is arrived at after taking into account 34 categories like housing income, unemployment, house prices, crime and taxes among other factors. Even size is taken into consideration, so Mississauga came in at 11 while Brampton was 14 in ranking of large cities with population above 400,000.
Many Brampton residents must be bristling with indignation at having come in at 154 compared to Mississauga’s ranking at 61.
Can-India spoke to some Brampton residents who give these rankings much thoughts. “There is very little different between Brampton and Mississauga, except for the price of real estate which is more affordable in Brampton,” said Ashwini a homemaker. Other residents felt the listings were useless because people choose to live in a city not because of its ranking but the economic prospects. So although Ottawa may be such a wonderful place to live, few Canadians are rushing to pack their bags and move.

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