Bethari Bazaar firing survivors living in fear

Bethari Bazaar, Oct. 27 (ANI): Survivors of the September 15, 2015 Bethari Bazaar police firing, in which over six people were killed, have expressed their fears in the aftermath of the incident.

Saraswati Maurya, a resident of Hati Bangai village, who survived, said that she had gone to buy household items from the market when the security forces fired indiscriminately at the people in the busy marketplace. Maurya fell unconscious after receiving a bullet in her shoulder.

Nepal recently witnessed violent protests by the Madhesi community who live in the fertile Terai plains bordering India. Other minority communities have also protested against the new constitution, which was promulgated on September 20.

“What help do we get from the government. They themselves are killing us. They are not giving our rights and when we are demanding for our rights, they are firing at us. The government is denying our share and has left us to die,” said an eyewitness Yogender Gupta.

According to the Human Rights Watch (HRW), at least 45 people were killed during the protests in August and September in the Terai region. (ANI)

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