Beware of a credit card phone scam


These days it isn’t common to know victims of financial scams in your friend circle or neighborhood. Scamsters are getting even more ingenious than ever.scam-alert-pic
Recently, Brampton Councillor John Hutton almost got taken to the cleaners by phone scamsters who claimed to be from his credit card company alerting him to a suspicious charge on eBay from Vancouver. Naturally Mr Hutton said it was not him who made the charge. Then he was advised he needed to have his credit card cancelled. For that Hutton would naturally have to give the caller his credit card.
Former Wards 2 & 6 City Councillor John Hutton is hoping his close call today will alert others to a telephone scam that is making the rounds.
Now to make it all sound authentic, the caller gave him the so-called first four numbers of the card, which incidentally is the identifier of the credit card company. Hutton provided the rest of the numbers and the information on the back of his card.
Next the caller insisted he log on to his computer and at that point Hutton and his wife got suspicious, called their bank and cancelled the card. Mercifully he wasn’t bilked of anything.
According to the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre this seems to be a fairly common scam that targets seniors who could quite possibly fall for this.
If you get a call from anyone claiming to be your bank etc, verify and don’t part with any information until you are clear about who is on the line.

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