Bey-Jay, Kanye West, RiRi suing French brand over knock-offs

Johannesburg, Oct 9 (ANI): Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Rihanna have come together to sue a French fashion brand Eleven Paris for using celebs’ images without authorisation.

This group of musicians has filed a lawsuit in US federal court against Eleven Paris seeking an injunction and compensation for past sales of the items, including shirts, caps, backpacks and cellphone cases using their images, reported.

On the other hand, the company said in a statement in Paris that negotiations have been underway with these individuals for nearly a year and continue, and presently the brand is determined to find a fair and balanced agreement with the celebrities.

Notably, as per celebrities claim at the Eleven Paris boutique in New York’s Soho district, there were T-shirts that feature the hooded faces of Beyonce and Williams and one of Rihanna with her index finger held up like a mustache, also there were two T-shirts with “Kanye is my homie” and “Pharrell is my brotha” quotes.

Eleven Paris says its apparel is sold in more than 800 stores in 25 countries, largely in France. (ANI)

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