‘Big Bang Theory’ sued over ‘Soft Kitty’ lullaby

Washington D.C, Dec 29 (ANI): Seems like Lullaby ‘Soft Kitty’ is losing its soothing power towards ‘The Big Bang Theory’ as the sitcom is getting sued over it.

Poet Edith Newlin wrote the lyrics for ‘Warm Kitty’ in 1937 and now her daughters Margaret Perry and Ellen Chase believe they are owed compensation as the producers pilfered their late mother’s poem and didn’t pay them a penny, TMZ.com reported.

They claim that in 2007, Warner Bros. wanted to use the lyrics for a song that the cast sings to Sheldon when he’s sick, but the studio cut a deal with a music company to use the lyrics, but not her and her sister, the rightful owners.

According to Margaret, the song, which is part of ‘Big Bang’ merchandising, has been used for years and now she wants an order prohibiting the show from continuing to use the song. (ANI)

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