Big China Baby Photography Expo in Shanghai

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China Baby Photo Expo 2016 (Autumn), the important reference point and the one-stop trade procurement platform for China’s baby photography industry, will be held from July 21 to 24 this year at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

The 20,000 square-meter exhibition has attracted over 200 domestic and international exhibitors. The event is being held concurrently with the 30thChina Wedding Expo and the 18th Photo & Imaging Shanghai, creating a comprehensive global procurement platform covering the wedding, fashion and baby photography sectors. For anyone with a serious interest in photography, the expo is a must-see event where the world’s leading photographic equipment and accessories manufacturers are gathered under one roof. The three exhibitions, 150,000 square meters in all, will span 9 halls across the Shanghai New International Expo Center, auguring a new trend in the photography industry.

China’s shift from the national one-child policy to one that allows up to two children for most families has promoted prosperity across the baby photography industry, and the fierce competition that followed forced firms within the sector to consistently improve quality and services, and to explore diversified and one-stop-shop operational models. Since becoming an independently held event, the China Baby Photo Expo has been widely acclaimed by exhibitors and visitors.

A comprehensive lineup of products and services, a more segmented layout and new products across the industrial chain

Since relocating to the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the China Baby Photo Expo has expanded with each session, having grown into a 20,000 square-meter event housing 200 domestic and international exhibitors. The exhibition showcases a full range of products and services in the baby photography industry, meeting the various needs of buyers.

This exhibition will exhibit products and services in a more segmented layout, delivering an enhanced experience to buyers and visitors. Baby and pregnant mother theme photography samples, photogenic clothes and accessories for photo shoots, baby photo live-action props and furniture, as well as celebration event planning will be showcased in Hall W5, while baby albums and frames, photo post production and software, souvenirs and products as well as baby consultant, management and training services will be located in Hall W4, providing professional buyers with a comprehensive visiting and purchasing experience.

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Disney’s arrival in China presents many new opportunities for children to live out their fantasies

Five years in the making, the highly anticipated Shanghai Disneyland Park formally opened in June of this year. This momentous event has spurred many children’s studios to roll out themed samples of Disney cartoons. The distinctive cartoon animals, the attractive, kind-hearted Princess, and the breathtaking voyage undertaken by Alice in Wonderland are all a thrill for children of all ages and serve to stimulate a child’s desire for exploration in the world of fantasy.

Besides traditional outdoor photography, the innovative application of post technologies such as 5D digital LED photo studios and IMAX-9D automated software synthesis can imbue photos with a fairy tale atmosphere. At the same time, a series of Disney-themed parties and events, customized children’s souvenirs, cartoon photo albums and frames will also debut at the expo.

Home photography of newborn babies posts explosive growth

In recent years, with the noticeable improvement in the standard of living and quality of life in China, young parents want to have a meaningful photographic record of their new additions to their family and have much higher expectations than before in terms of the results. Parents no longer go to the studio for a photo shoot, while, more and more, this event is taking place in the home. This new trend has created a whole new business segment within the sector.

Babies, softly wrapped in cloth and blanket along with hand-knitted headwear and outfits, deliver warm and tender pictures, while the newborn exhibits genuine, natural expressions. Such photos, taken in the familiar home environment, become highly valued mementos for all members of the family.

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Korean-style minimalism grows in popularity

The simple, easy-going Korean style continues to grow in popularity. The minimalist layout of the stage and setting serve as a contrast that captures the child’s emotions and dynamics more vividly and expressively. A sense of aesthetics and innocence is added to the moment between the flow of light and shadow.

Photo albums and frames made of wood and wood-originated materials are highly favored due to their environmentally-friendly qualities and reduction in contribution to atmospheric CO2 as well as their simple and fashionable appearance. Several South Korean firms have set up photo album frame manufacturing plants inChina, not only meeting the demand from children’s studios across China, but also helping to fulfill their demand for exports.

Parent-child tour photography becomes a new highlight and leaves warm memories

Eighty percent of Chinese families consider parent-child tours as something each family needs to do and is prepared to spend money on. Most members of China’s post-80s generation (currently ranging in age from 26 to 36), the main consumer group that is most open to accepting new ideas and concepts, are now parents with children still at home. Star-studded shows such as Where Are We Going, Dad? have also sparked a parent-child tour boom. With the summer school break in full swing, parent-child photography tours have become a preferred choice for many families as it provides an opportunity to spend “quality” time with their children, participate in their children’s growth and return home with happy memories as a result of the relaxing and fun tours.

Professional tour operators have launched a variety of tailored parent-child photography tours to many desirable destinations including Jeju Island, Phuket, Lijiang, Sanya, Dalian, Xiamen and Shanghai Disney Resort, in a move to create a truly unique, personalized life experience rather than just a run-of-the-mill photo or video shoot. Parents are encouraged to begin a journey of love with their children that brings the whole family closer to the nature and will be remembered for a lifetime.

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Attending the show becomes ultra-convenient with multitude of options for pre-registration on offer

As internet technology continues to evolve and penetrate into every aspect of our daily lives, the organizers has expanded the list of options for pre-registration by leveraging the many new media platforms. Visitors can pre-register through the expo’s official website, WeChat, QQ, SMS and H5 links, among other channels.

With a few taps of one’s fingers, the visitor to the event is spared the wait in line on a scorching Shanghaisummer day to gain entrance to the venue. There will be a special lucky draw for pre-registered visitors, where winners will be awarded a variety of prizes. Visitors can also read comments and add their own in real time by scanning the code for access to the WeChat wall at the expo, allowing them to enjoy an interactive experience during their visit.

Concurrently with the event, the organizers, in cooperation with professional organizations and individuals, will also hold a “Light Up the Hope”-themed children’s photography exhibition in Hall W4, which will focus on left-behind children and create positive social energy. Children’s photo studio marketing and planning experts will give a presentation on today’s most efficient marketing programs in the W4-M6 meeting room.

China Baby Photo Expo 2016 (Autumn) will continue to facilitate brand improvement and service innovation, focus on a transformation of the industry’s distribution channels as well as on industry development, and create a trade service platform integrating information exchanges, trade and purchasing as well as resource sharing. – PRNewswire

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