Biggest online dating turn-off is `grammatical errors`

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Melbourne, Mar. 12 (ANI): What are the reasons for loneliness even after surfing the online dating sites?

Popular online dating site ‘Zoosk’ reveals that ‘the one thing’ that is responsible for dating melancholy is ‘poor grammar,’ reports

The study surveyed more than 9000 Zoosk singles, looking at the extent to which poor grammar affected an individual’s attraction levels across different age groups.

The survey found that nearly half of singles, almost 48 per cent, considered grammar to be a deal-breaker in online dating. Blatant spelling errors are a turn-off to the majority of singles.

According to this survey, a period at the end of a text impresses singles, with 93 per cent saying that they become happy if they receive a text message with this proper punctuation. First messages sent with an exclamation marks, produce a 10 per cent higher response rate.

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65 per cent of women said that poor grammar, either in an online dating bio or after multiple offences, would be a deal-breaker, compared to 40 per cent of men.

People, who use four-letter acronym of prepubescent doom like YOLO and LOL, will see a 47 per cent decrease in response rates. (ANI)

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