Bindi Irwin turns 18

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Bindi…Continuing her father’s legacy.

The 17-year-old Bindi Irwin, Dancing With the Stars champ recently graduated high school and  reveals that she’s also completed her college course work!

“I just got sent my graduation certificate, which is a huge milestone for me!” says Bindi. “I finished year 12, but I had a couple of tape courses … college courses that I was taking, and they just sent through my certificate that I finished them all.”

Of course, she had a pretty good incentive to get it all done.

“What was really exciting is that Mom said, ‘Once you have graduated completely and you’ve gotten through all of your college work, we’ll have to go and have a look at trucks together,’” she shares. “So, I’m looking forward to maybe getting a truck. I’m driving my dad’s old ‘ute’ which is really, really fun but it’s maybe 20 years old.”

“It was actually my dad’s [the late Steve Irwin] idea,” she says about her graduation gift. “He said, ‘When Bindi gets old enough, I want to make sure that she has a really good truck.’ And Mom said, ‘We’ll wait until she graduates and we’ll get her one.’ So, we’re going to. I’m going to help to buy it, but it will really, really be a fun adventure for us.”

Bindi says she’s excited to turn 18 on July 24, and is more than ready to embrace adulthood and more responsibility. She plans to continue working at the Australia Zoo, helping with management, and continuing her father’s legacy.

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